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DAY 01

A DELAIR TRAVEL tour guide will await your arrival at the Colombo International Airport assuming the arrival is in the afternoon. Thereafter proceed to kandy. Check into THE HOTEL in Kandy. Evening at leisure. OVERNIGHT STAY IN KANDY

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DAY 02

Breakfast at the hotel and visit the ‘Dalada Maligawa’ Temple of the Buddha’s Tooth Relic to attend the special pooja when the door to the sanctuary holding the casket is opened for pilgrims to offer flowers amidst clouds of incense and the beating of drums. Thereafter visit Kandy to discover the Royal City of Kandy. Kandy is Sri Lanka's last royal kingdom and is a World Heritage site. The tour will take you to the Botanical Gardens, Market Place and gem & jewellery shops. Later, discover the Kandy Evening In the late evening be escorted to a performance of the energetic traditional Kandyan Cultural Dance show, accompanied by tumultuous drumming and climaxes with the amazing fire-walking show. Later proceed to a relaxing inland hotel in Kandy. OVERNIGHT STAY IN KANDY.

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DAY 03

After breakfast leave for Dambulla en route visiting Aluvihare Temple in Matale. The significance of this temple is that the Mahavansa (Buddhist chronicle of the island) was inscribed here in Pali. The original manuscript, inscribed on palm leaves prepared by 500 monks, was destroyed in the mid 19th century, and replacements are still being inscribed today. In the afternoon, depart for the visit of the caves temples of Dambulla. The caves in the city provided refuge to King Valagamba (also called Vattagamini Abhaya) in his 14 year long exile from the Anuradapura kingdom.Buddhist monks meditating in the caves of Dambulla at that time provided the exiled king protection from his enemies. When King Valagamba returned to the throne at Anuradapura kingdom in the 1st century BC, he had a magnificent rock temple built at Dambulla as a gratitude to the monks in Dambulla. Ibbankatuwa Prehistoric burial site near Dambulla, where prehistoric (2700 years old) human skeletons were found according to scientific analysis gives evidence on civilizations in this area long before arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. There are more than 80 documented caves in the surrounding. Major attractions are spread over 5 caves, which contain statues and paintings. This paintings and statues are related to Lord Buddha and his life. There are a total of 153 Buddha statues, 3 statues of Sri Lankan kings and 4 statues of god and goddess. The latter 4 include two statues of Hindu gods, Vishnu and Ganesh. The murals cover an area of 2,100 m². Depictions in the walls of the caves include Buddha's temptation by demon Mara and Buddha's first sermon. OVERNIGHT STAY IN DAMBULLA

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DAY 04

After breakfast, depart for Sigiriya. The ancient city of Sigiriya was designated a cultural World Heritage Site in 1982. It is also proposed that the site should be named the eighth wonder of the world, indicating it is in the same league as other international wonders such as the Grand Canyon and Ancient Pyramids. Translated as ‘Lion Rock' into English, the name of the monument indicates the way in which visitors used to begin their final ascent to the top – through the open jaws and throat (‘giriya') of a lion (‘sinha'). Unfortunately, the only remains of this lion figure are the gigantic paws, sculpted into the side of the rock. The geography of the area is flat except for the massive rock outcrop of the fortress itself (which rises an incredible 600 ft up from the green scrub jungle). The unusual rock is particularly interesting due to its flat top (nearly 8 acres in size), that was used in its entirety to build King Kasyapa's fortress complex, still evident by the presence of the extensive ruins. Afterward proceed to Polonnaruwa to discover the Polonnaruwa Ancient City. Polonnaruwa ancient city remains one of the best planned archaeological relic sites in the country, standing testimony to the discipline and greatness of the Kingdom's first rulers. The ancient city of Polonnaruwa has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Return to the hotel late in the evening. OVERNIGHT STAY IN DAMBULLA.

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DAY 05

After Breakfast Proceed Anuradhapura to visit the Sri Maha Bodhi tree. The Bo tree was planted as a cutting from the tree in Bodhgaya, in India under which Buddha found Enlightenment, brought by Emperor Asoka’s daughter, the Princess Sanghamitta, at some point after 236 BC. Guardians have kept uninterrupted watch over the tree ever since, making it the oldest historically authenticated tree in the world. There are other Bo trees around the Sri Maha Bodhi which are bedecked with colourful prayer flags. After the offering of flowers, a one hour sermon will be arranged at the Temple. After leave for Mihintale. This place is revered as the place where Mahinda converted King Devanampiya Tissa to Buddism in 243BC, thereby enabling Buddhism to spread to the whole island. The legend tells how King Tissa was chasing a stag during a hunting expedition. The stag reached Mihintale and fled up the hillside followed by the King until reached a place surrounded by hills, where the animal disappeared and the frustrated King was astonished to find a gentle person who spoke to him the Buddha’s teachings. It was Mahinda, Asoka’s son, who was able to convert the King with 40,000 followers. An important religious site and a pleasant place to stroll around. Evening at leisure to walk around the ancient Dagobas and even to meditate. The Services of a Buddhist Priest for Dharma Sermon. OVERNIGHT STAY IN ANURADHAPURA.

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DAY 06

After breakfast proceed to Colombo. On the way visit Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihare, the most visited Temple after the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy. The main significance of this Temple is the legendary visit of the Buddha to this site. The Mahavansa (chronicle) recorded that the original Stupa enshrined a gem-studded throne on which Buddha sat when he visited Sri Lanka. The present Temple, which dates to the 19th century, is set amongst attractive frangipani trees and has an impressive bell-tower. There is a famous image of the reclining Buddha. Each member will offer a tray of flowers at this temple, light oil lamps and incense. The Resident monk will chant ‘Seth Pirith’ (blessings) and tie a ‘pirith nula’ around the wrist. (A thread blessed by the monks). Enjoy the evening at leisure. Optional tour can be arranged to visit the Gangarama Temple or a leisurely shopping tour of Colombo. OVERNIGHT STAY IN COLOMBO.

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DAY 07

After a late breakfast, checkout of the hotel and transfer to Colombo International airport. Your journey with Delair Travels ends here. Have a safe journey back home and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Note: Hotel stipulates checkout is before 12:00hrs noon time. Late Checkout between 12:00-18:00 requires half of the room rate. Any checkout after 18:00 will cost one extra night room rate.